Temptation came this week. Immediately, having done nothing wrong, I felt guilty. It was as if I was assuming I was going to give in. Everyone has weak points, and in all of this, I discovered something about myself that I didn’t know. My central weak point was different from what I suspected.

In the book of Job, the devil has a conversation with God about how Job will react if all that he has is taken from him. The devil used human logic to make his prediction which turned out to be wrong because Job possessed three things of great importance that are not logical. They were: faith, hope, and love. When the devil comes to tempt us, we are no match for him using human logic.

A study back in the 1970s determined what they called the fraud triangle. It said that 80% of employees would steal if they had the need, opportunity, and ability to justify their actions. There it is, that last one, human logic.

For example, suppose someone is falling behind on their bills and sees something of value they could steal from work. They might think, “I’m not paid what I deserve, so this is not really stealing.” Or possibly, “the cost of living is going up so fast, I’m now effectively being paid less than what was agreed.” Our logical mind seeks to protect us and help us succeed.

Stealing is not my issue, making it much easier to talk about. I have a problem deciding what it is I let into my thinking. I’m too concerned about imagined issues in the future or rethinking past events and allowing them to roll over and over in my mind. The Lord wants me to be aware of the past and future but live in the present. If you could climb into my brain, I think you might climb right back out and be totally exhausted.

Until this week, I would have said no if you had asked me if the devil was logical. The devil is bad; logic is good. The reality is that logic is neither good nor bad; it is the calculator of the information we present. My weakness is that I try to live the bulk of my life using my human logic to make decisions. Lord, give me the wisdom to always put faith, hope, and love into the mental calculations of everything I do and think.

18 responses to “Temptation”

  1. Good one Don. Logic is about our size as humans. Gods ways are much bigger than us or logic. I deeply understand that temptation.

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  2. Well done, friend. Just what I needed to hear this morning.

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  3. Great one. Left me pondering on this one. 😊

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      1. My pleasure. 😊


  4. A good understanding of the human equation and the divine rule over it.

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  5. Such an insightful writing, and the whole reason scripture teaches us to “Renew” our minds and keep our thought’s on Gods words. Loved the way you taught it is satan which makes us think our logic is correct. Many Blessings.

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  6. The devil is an expert at making what is illogical to the Christian sound very logical.
    He is called the trickster for a very good reason

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    1. He certainly is. I wish I could stop helping him do his trickster job on me.


  7. Praise Jesus we have The Holy Spirit to guide us around his traps

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    1. Yes, we do. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It’s encouraging.


  8. “Lord, give me the wisdom to always put faith, hope, and love into the mental calculations of everything I do and think.”

    Thank you for this, Don. I’m so glad to have read this God-inspired lesson. This morning I made a decision that I can now see was guided by human logic. I’m now ready to revise that decision using faith, hope and love instead. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you for such encouraging words. The Lord gives us what we need at just the right time.

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      1. He certainly does, Don! Thanks be to God.

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