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Evil doesn’t know it’s evil. It just believes that it’s more rational than others. It can confidently stand before God and be the accuser of men.

It lives in a world of absolutes where what it says is wrong is wrong; good is what’s needed and necessary. It speaks to men, “I wouldn’t do that, but I know you would if you thought you could get away with it.” Looking into the mirror, it sees what it believes others must admire.

It believes it makes the difficult decisions that those lesser would need help to make. It can then look into its prey’s eyes and say, “It isn’t personal, it’s just business, it’s just politics, or it’s just necessary. The world was meant to be ruled by someone like me.”

Lord, look into my heart and deliver me from any evil hiding in me.

13 responses to “Evil”

  1. Saying the Lord’s Prayer will also help one focus on resisting evil. Thank you, Don, for addressing this issue.

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  2. Evil is bigger than us. God is eternally bigger than evil and has already beat it. We so much need God.

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  3. I have trouble grasping that. It seems way to obvious to me. I cannot accept that they just don’t even see what monsters they are.


    1. Unfortunately, I have know evil men. Four of them were serial-killers. None thought of themselves as evil. Every man is right in his own eyes.


  4. I get what you’re saying Don. Just when I think my heart is clean, He finds another dark spot. I thank Him for His blood.

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    1. Thank God he is always on our side and willing to help us get cleaned up and change.

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  5. Thanks for sharing this idea with this evil . Anita
    Can you follow my blog?

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  6. The devil attacks best when we’re at our most vulnerable state. I have experienced this recently and one of the ways that helped me to rebuke the devil and run away , was Worship. Just praying, thanking Him and allowing Him to work in me, through me and with me. We will often be attacked and prayer should always be our weapon. Thanks Don, for sharing this. Blessings.

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    1. Excellent point. Thank you, Gloria.

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  7. Insightful, but I believe we can be stronger and let the light in us fight the good fight of faith.

    Stay blessed.

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  8. Same prayer, Don! I think (and pray) about this a lot.

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